We are a pharmaceutical products wholesale
and retail company based in Belize.

World - Class

Our commitment is to distribute
the most recognized world-class brands.

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Our Mission

"To provide such a diligent high service, that meets the expectations of our customers, guaranteeing success, so that we become to be consider as the best pharmaceutical representative alternative in Belize, to achieve a strong market position for the benefit of our own consolidation."

Our Vission

"Being a highly competitive company in the importation, distribution, marketing and representation of pharmaceutical, agricultural, veterinary, and personal care products higienen; so that our suppliers are satisfied with the way in which we represent and how we develop their brands, fulfilling the commitment to fully serving our customers and providing a service that exceeds their expectations."


The company sees as key values:

  • Honesty and personal and professional integrity as evidenced both in relationships with external clients and internal staff from all levels.

  • Service as a characteristic value of the company and should be driven with collective enthusiasm, initiative and participation of all staff in company policies providing suggestions to improve services, distribution processes, quality policy, relations between internal staff and external customer.

  • The constancy of staff driven by concern for improvement, consolidation, valuation and enthusiasm for the job and the improvement of the company.

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